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Foshan Huaxi Iron Printed Can Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City. 25-minute drive away from Guangzhou, direct access to Foshan-Kaiping Expressway and Foshan No.1 Ring Road, this company has transport facilities and a well-developed business environment. Established in 1996, it has an area of about 200 mu and 1200 employees including a large number of professional engineering technicians. Specializing in the production of metal cans, it provides comprehensive quality services including packaging and design, iron printing processing, mold development, stamping and molding, and distribution and transport. In terms of supply of raw materials, it has long-term cooperation with Guangzhou Pacific, Baosteel and other large steel companies, providing customers with a wide selection of materials. With complete product specifications from 0.1 to 25L, it has been manufacturing metal cans for multiple well-known chemical coating plants such as Huarun Coatings, Jiexin Coatings, China Paint, Nippon Paint, Jotun COSCO Marine Coatings, Carpoly Paint, and Hongchang Chemical. It is an ideal choice of large-scale specialized manufacturers at home and abroad. With Package Quality License for Dangerous Export Goods, this company can carry out paint export for customers.

To meet the needs of customers for high-grade packaging, this company has introduced advanced printing and canning equipment from Japan and Taiwan. At resent, it has 30 iron printing production lines including Japanese Fuji F451 two-color iron printing machine with a printing speed of 90 sheets/min, characterized by bright color finished products, accurate positioning and clear pattern, laminating printing line environment-friendly, anti-counterfeiting and emerging laminating technology, bright and attractive underside materials. In terms of can making equipment, it has automatic CNC punching machine characterized by high accuracy, safety, efficiency and materials saving, 2 automatic 18-20L square can production lines, two 18-20L basket barrel production lines, two 3-4L square can production lines, with a minute production of more than 50 pieces. It achieves 24-hour stable production, low failure rate, yield of 99.8%, and stable product quality. It adopts automatic canning and drying plastic injection machines, effectively preventing leakage.

It adopts internal and external automatic welding to prevent paint product rust, pollution or corrosion. Adopting state-of-the-art automatic leak detector, it put an end to scratches or rust caused by inspections and micro leak products, saving the cost of artificial detection. With professional mold development workshops, it can independently develop, design and manufacture molds and matching canning equipment, regularly propose rectification programs, taking lead in the chemical coating and canning industry. Trained in Taiwan, its mechanical and electrical technicians can shoot equipment troubles in a timely manner, ensuring stable and continuous production.

This company has a spacious and clean stamping and molding workshop with a strict closed production design layout, having its production area with 5S environmental management, air-conditioning ventilation and cooling setting, providing employees with a comfortable environment even in the scorching summer. It implements ISO9001:2000 quality management system and its Quality Control Department conducts online product inspection and cleaning. Its professional quality control personnel conduct product quality sampling.

This company has over fifty 5-ton container trucks, transporting its quality packaging products to customers throughout the province in the prime time.

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